Vital Statistics

Our target investment size is $1-3 million for each portfolio company spread over 1-3 capital rounds.

Vital Statistics

Target industries include business to business SaaS software, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Vital Statistics

Given our experience assessing the value of intellectual property, we also invest in unique IP situations.

Our Mission

Vital Venture Capital’s mission is to use our talents, insights, knowledge and experience to find, analyze and structure venture capital investments in companies so as to provide significantly above-market returns on our own capital and on the funds that co-investors’ entrust to our stewardship. Our hope is that a meaningful portion of this capital will be used to better the lives of others and improve our world.

Company History

Vital Venture Capital, LLC was formed in 2007 under a predecessor name to invest in Certicom, Inc., a publicly-traded encryption software company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Certicom possessed a unique market postion in elliptic curve encryption technology and had a highly valuable international portfolio of related patents. Vital Venture Capital became one of the largest shareholders of Certicom and interacted with both Certicom management and other large shareholders. Vital Venture Capital completed a successful exit of its Certicom investment in early 2009 through its sale for cash to Research in Motion Limited.

In early 2009 the firm adopted the name “Vital Venture Capital” and formally began to seek additional venture capital investments. We now consist of six principal investors, with offices in: Simsbury, CT; Bethesda, MD; Philadelphia, PA; Naples, FL; and Lincolnshire, IL. The Principals’ own funds constitute a substantial portion of each Vital Venture Capital investment. The firm also has a number of individual and institutional co-investors that join Vital Venture Capital in its investments.

Vital Investment Principles

Vital Venture Capital invests in businesses that we understand in fields where we have high level of knowledge and experience. These currently include business to business SaaS software, medical devices, and diagnostics.

We exclusively make investments that:

Earlier-stage companies:

Later-stage firms:

We prefer businesses where we can add value through leveraging our experience and contacts.