10X Genomics, Inc.

10X Genomics is commercializing groundbreaking sequencing technologies. The company website is www.10xgenomics.com.


AxioMx, Inc.

AxioMx is an early-stage biotechnology company that is developing a novel, high-throughput method to synthetically generate monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to target proteins for use in life science research, diagnostic tests and as therapeutics. Its goal is to reduce antibody development time and produce higher affinity antibodies at a reasonable cost. Please see their website at www.axiomxinc.com


Booker Software, Inc. (formerly GramercyOne Technology Corp.)

In November 2011, Vital Venture Capital invested in Booker Software, Inc. (formerly GramercyOne Technology Corp.), participating in a $15.25 million Series A Preferred Stock investment led by Revolution Ventures, Grotech Ventures, TD Fund and Jubilee Investments. We also participated in the $27.5 million Series B in April 2013 led by Bain Capital Ventures. Booker is a leading provider of cloud-based business management and marketing solutions to service businesses around the world. The company's integrated software platform enables businesses to manage operations efficiently while promoting their services and capturing customers through new marketing channels including social commerce, group buying, mobile and local advertising. Booker's products include Booker, Booker Enterprise, SpaBooker, and SalonBooker. The Booker products offer extensive features, including point-of-sale and other capabilities. These products are used by more than 3,000 businesses in 58 countries - from multi-national enterprises like Hilton Worldwide to single location spas, fitness centers, salons, medical practices, and local service businesses. Booker is headquartered in New York, NY. For more information please visit www.booker.com


CD Diagnostics, Inc.

CD Diagnostics, Inc., based in Claymont, DE, is developing a series of diagnostic tests to rapidly detect the causes of joint pain using joint fluid analysis. The company is focused on developing immunoassays that will provide doctors with rapid and accurate diagnoses for challenging joint diseases. In September 2012, Vital Venture Capital and its co-investors invested $1.0 million in preferred stock of CD Diagnostics. The financing round, which totaled $5.2 million, was led by a strategic industry investor and also included Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, BioStar Ventures and other investors. Please see the company website at www.cddiagnostics.com


Certicom Corp. (purchased by Research in Motion Limited)

Certicom, founded in 1985, is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario and has offices in Ottawa, Ontario; Reston, Virginia; Foster City, California; London, England; and Shanghai, China. The company is the leading provider of cryptography used by software vendors and device manufacturers for the purpose of embedding security into portable communication devices and other electronic equipment with limited information storage capacity.

Vital Venture Capital viewed the company as significantly undervalued by virtue of its cash position, patent portfolio, unique market position and the value of its then pending lawsuit with Sony.

Beginning in March of 2008, Vital Venture Capital purchased a significant interest in Certicom at prices ranging from C$1.30 to C$1.87 per share and became a large shareholder of the company. In March 2009 Vital Venture Capital exited its investment with a substantial gain upon the acquisition of Certicom by Research In Motion Limited for C$3.00 per share.


Clinverse, Inc.

Clinverse, Inc., based in Charlotte, NC, is a technology startup solely focused on the financial management of clinical trials and associated payments in over 140 currencies. Their flagship product ClinPay revolutionizes the investigator payment process and considerably reduces study start-up time and increases financial accounting accuracy. ClinPay is a secure on-line Clinical Trial Payment Network that dramatically lowers time spent on the investigator payment process with significant improvement in clinical trial productivity.

Vital Venture Capital's principals joined with a number of co-investors to invest a substantial amount in the Clinverse Series A in September 2009. We added on to our investment in the Series B led by Hatteras Venture Partners in 2012.

For more information, visit the Clinverse website at www.clinverse.com


Halfpenny Technologies Inc..

Halfpenny Technologies, based in Blue Bell, PA, provides a hub-based SaaS middleware platform that bi-directionally connects lab information systems with electronic medical record systems and thereby facilitates effective transfer of clinical information between such systems. In February 2012 Vital invested in a $3 million funding round by purchasing Series A1 preferred stock. Other investors included Milestone Venture Partners, Osage Partners, Emerald Stage2 Ventures and LORE Angels. Halfpenny's website is www.halfpenny.com


HealthTell, Inc.

HealthTell is building an immunosignature-based health monitoring platform that covers a wide range of illnesses from cancer to infectious disease. Please see HealthTell's website at www.healthtell.com


Lookingglass Cyber Solutions, Inc.

Lookingglass Cyber Solutions is a cyber security software company delivering deep visibility into the Internet threat landscape. Lookingglass helps organizations accurately and precisely anticipate and protect against targeted attacks by gathering, correlating, and analyzing threat information from within their own networks, supply chains and the rest of the Internet. The company's core product, ScoutVision, leverages an open architecture, which provides source and sensor agnostic Internet threat visibility - to help users rapidly respond to enterprise network threats - often before they can impact operations. In January 2012 Vital joined Alsop Louie Partners and other investors in the $5 million Series A funding for Lookingglass. For more information, please visit www.lgscout.com


NovaTract Surgical, Inc.

NovaTract Surgical, Inc. was established to introduce innovative medical devices to the operating room that would enable surgeons to more efficiently treat their patients. The company's entry product, the NovaTractTM dynamic retractor, is a 5mm laparoscopic device designed for general, colorectal, gynecologic, urologic, and robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The NovaTractTM offers improved tissue manipulation with its exclusive tension adjusting system, coupled with the ability to easily modify the angle of retraction as needed. The unique patent-pending retraction system helps increase visualization while reducing the number of ports needed. This award-winning technology will allow the surgeon to achieve reduced-port surgeries without changing surgical technique. The company expects the device to be available commercially by summer 2013. In May 2012 Vital invested in a $3.4 million Series A Preferred Stock round for the Company that was led by Connecticut Innovations and also included Launch Capital, Advantage Capital, and Golden Seeds. For more information visit the NovaTract website at www.novatract.com


Pervacio, Inc.

Pervacio, Inc., founded in 2004 and based in Kirkland, WA, has developed software to enable mobile device recyclers to wipe devices and verify content. This enables the recyclers to process devices much faster as compared to re-installing the manufacturers software and also enables an audit trail. The Company also has offices in Texas, India, and Hungary. Their website is pervacio.com

In June 2010 Vital Venture Capital and its co-investors invested in the Series A financing.


QuantaLife, Inc. (purchased by Bio-Rad Laboratories)

QuantaLife, Inc., incorporated in 2009 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California, has developed the third generation of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology that quantifies DNA molecules by Digital DropletTM PCR. Digital Droplet PCR reduces the cost of quantitative PCR, while providing an absolute measure of target molecules with unrivaled quantitative resolution and sensitivity. Applications in the field of genetic research include copy number variation (CNV), mutation detection and gene expression analysis. The company's mission is to provide tools that accelerate new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of inherited disorders, cancer and infection disease.

In November 2010, Vital Venture Capital and its co-investors invested $1.68 million in preferred stock of QuantaLife, by participating in a capital round led by the company's initial venture capital investor, Paladin Capital Group. In October 2011, Bio-Rad Laboratories purchased QuantaLife for $162 million cash plus an earnout.

For more information on the acquisition by Bio-Rad, please visit the Bio-Rad website at http://tinyurl.com/5w7hwo2


SchoolChapters, Inc. (purchased by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

In July 2011 Vital Venture Capital and a group of other investors, including Connecticut Innovations and Angel Investor Forum, invested $670,000 in SchoolChapters, Inc. SchoolChapters (www.schoolchapters.com), based in West Hartford, Connecticut, sells a suite of software solutions designed to manage the evidence that educators compile to demonstrate their educational programs' quality and alignment with standards. Vital also joined in the $2.2 million Series B funding in 2013.

The company's offerings are used in thousands of classrooms across the US in multiple settings including YMCAs, Head Starts, public school districts, corporate centers, Department of Defense centers, and institutions of higher learning.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt purchased SchoolChapters on July 1, 2014.


Shoefitr, Inc.

Shoefitr, Inc. www.shoefitr.com, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides software that enables online footwear shoppers to purchase shoes that fit correctly. Online footwear retailers are thereby able to reduce the percentage of returned shoes, which is a significant cost to the industry. The Company's easy-to-use shoe fitting application was initially embraced by the running community which accesses Shoefitr on the sites of popular media like Runner's World. Shoefitr then rapidly expanded to numerous additional footwear categories such as fashion shoes.

In October 2011 Vital Venture Capital led a $1.2 million funding round which also included BlueTree Allied Angels (a Pittsburgh-based angel investor group) and Innovation Works (a quasi-public venture capital entity of the State of Pennsylvania). Vital also joined in the Series A Prime financing in 2013 with new funders and the existing investors.


Sparqd, Inc.

Sparqd, Inc., formerly based in San Francisco, CA, provided consumer product companies and retail chain operators with a Facebook-enabled platform that enabled brand owners and merchants to collaborate and drive social electronic and on-premise traffic. We invested in a seed round of $1.2 million in 2011 with multiple Silicon Valley investors. The funds financed final product development and launch. The company did not gain market traction. Vital and the other investors decided to pass on additional funding. The company ceased operations in 2014.


Spikes Security

Spikes Security's patent-pending AirGap browser isolation system enables Spikes' customers to prevent receiving malware attacks from web servers. Web servers are the primary source of malware attacks. Spikes is based in Los Gatos, CA. Please visit their website at spikes.com


TOMA Biosciences Inc.

Based in Foster City, CA, TOMA's patent pending technology provides highly accurate, rapid, and low cost genetic profiles of cancer tumors. TOMA's website is www.tomabio.com


Twist Bioscience Corp.

Twist, based in Mission Bay in San Francisco, is revolutionizing synthetic DNA production for specialty chemical compounds and drug development. Please visit the Twist website at www.twistbioscience.com